Middle Eastern cuisine originated in Egypt!

Dandanah Café & Grill is an upscale café serving dishes from the Mediterranean.

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Dandanah Specials

Travel the Mediterranean with your taste buds

Macaroni Bashamel

With seasoned ground beef and creamy bashamel sauce.
Koshary Dandanah

Koshary (Ultimate Veggie Dish)

A mix of rice and lentils topped with macaroni, chick peas, garlic, tomatoes sauce and fried onions.
Kebda Eskandarany

Kebda Eskandarany

Sautéed beef liver seasoned with chili, lemon and garlic.
Molokhia with Half Chicken

Molokhia with Half Chicken

Seasoned with garlic and vinegar, served with rice and bread.
Bamia with Lamb Meat

Bamia with Lamb Meat

Okra stew and meat, served with rice and bread.

Hawawshy Spicy

Dandanah’s special meat pie made with special seasonings (beef and with pasterma)

Why Dandanah?!


Freshly Made Food

Everything is Freshly Made, authentic, and made specially for you

Best Cuisine

Tease your taste buds with our list of most tasty and original Egyptian cuisine.

Best patio in Houston!

We can accommodate 300+ people.

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2707 Fountain View Dr., Suite A, in Houston, TX.

Dandanah Cafe & Grill

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